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  1. tiffany12 tiffany12:
       "The aqua and white roman shade decorated with botanical patterns can create a pastoral and natural environment. The faux silk and cotton fabric touches soft and smooth that can insulate the radiation and keep the room comfortable."
  2. tiffany12 tiffany12:
       "Floral roman shade is made of poly/cotton blending fabric type, has thick and soft hand touching. Duplex print crafts keeps floral pattern romantic and beautiful look. Flower decoration with valance adds pastoral temperament to any room."
  3. tiffany12 tiffany12:
       "The white plaid roman shade can add the natural and pastoral feeling. The print craft makes plaid patterns look more vivid and chic. The linen and cotton fabric is Eco-friendly and breathable that can block the strong light and offer a soft and comfortable space effectively."
  4. tiffany12 tiffany12:
       "The wooden beaded curtain decorated with calabash looks unique and oriental. People usually choose it to decorate the door. It can separate two places from each other and save more space."
  5. tiffany12 tiffany12:
       "The hanging roman shade is composed of chenille fabric type, has striped pattern that has print crafts that keeps shade exquisite and vivid. Chenille fabric type has soft and exquisite hand touching. Flat shaped bottom design provides enough privacy for daily life."
  6. tiffany12 tiffany12:
       "Roman shade for window is made of poly/cotton fabric type, that has printed crafts and decorates shade modern temperament. Flat shaped design with valance provides enough privacy for daily life. Track accessories are all included."
  7. tiffany12 tiffany12:
       "The cool roman shade curtain can create a unique and funky environment due to its England style. The polyester and cotton fabric is Eco-friendly and breathable that can insulate the heat and radiation effectively to keep the room breathable and comfortable."
  8. tiffany12 tiffany12:
       "Roman shade curtain is composed of linen/cotton fabric type that is eco-friendly and natural hand touching. Bunting and balloon pattern adds chic atmosphere to any room. Track accessories and valance are all included."
  9. tiffany12 tiffany12:
       "The baby blue nautical roman shade curtain is mainly designed to create a dreamy and cute environment, most parents choose the baby blue curtain to decorate their kids room. The polyester and cotton fabric is Eco-friendly and breathable, so it touches soft and smooth and can keep the room comfortable"
  10. tiffany12 tiffany12:
       "The blue fresh roman shade curtain can always add the peaceful feeling. The linen and cotton fabric is Eco-friendly and breathable that can insulate the radiation to offer a comfortable space."